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June 30th, 2008

For thirty-three years, I tried to to get my science fiction stories published in the science fiction magazines.  Without success.  I can't say they're as good as all, but I think they're better than some, and I think some people might've enjoyed them if only they could have seen them.

So, right now, I'm trying something different.  I'm taking a few of my most recent rejected manuscripts, and putting them up on the Web for all to see.  Here they are.

I'll be tweaking this site over the next few months.

I haven't yet set up an e-mail account specifically for this site.  Those I've told about it already know where to reach me.  But if anyone else happens upon this site, and wants to communicate with me, try my mailing address:

Robert Nowall
P. O. Box 100371
Cape Coral, Florida, 33910-0371
I've set up an e-mail account.  Try
This is all still new to me so I hope it works.  I haven't updated much because I haven't had anything to add.
I've added two more stories---my entire 2009 finished-work output.
Two more most recent output.  Mostly I was writing in 2010 and revising in 2011. 
It's been suggested that e-publishing might be the way for me to go.  I'm considering it.  But I think these works may be too short for something serious.
Another two stories, SF, bounced by the major markets...and another, which wasn't SF or Internet Fan Fiction or anything I usually write, but which I've had on hand for awhile and decided to put up.
I had a third story ready to go, but it'll have to wait until it gets rejected at least one more time.
After a two-year absence, I finally put up some more stories.  I've had a couple of requests, believe it or not.
This covers my "finished" output for the last two years.  It's not that I haven't been productive.  I've worked on this or that, but for one reason or another didn't finish them.  One recent attempt at a novel that stretched out much longer than anything here, but after two versions I put it aside.  Other short stories that I finished, but didn't seem quite right enough to polish off.
I may get back to any or all of them.  Plus there are new stories to write. 
 And I hope to be back here more often. 
To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of my writing career, I post another story.  I've got one other ready to go (again), but I'm still pondering sending it out one more time.  Other things exist in rough draft, but I never know whether I'll get back to work on them or not.  There's always something else, and, when I think of it, who am I writing for but myself?
I've been fairly prolific the last year, with some work on assorted novels.  I actually finished one in draft, but I've got to do some more revision and polishing.  You may be seeing it sooner or later.  I have some ideas about how I'll put it out, but I'll get back to you on that.  (It's not really SF or fantasy, either.)  Self-publishing is looking pretty good, though.
I've neglected this site for a few years, but I'm here now.  I'm putting up a couple of old stories I should have put up a while ago, and may, sometime soon, put up something else.  I've got to go through my stuff and see what I still like, or might like better with a revision or two.
Nothing much to report except I retired.  It hasn't meant that much more time to write, though I have written several things---nothing particularly satisfying, though.  I might think better of it later.
Not wanting to let an anniversary pass, though not having much of anything to post---I haven't completed anything I've thought worthy of submitting anywhere in years.
So I've resurrected this.  It's long enough to be a short novel, though I never sent it out to anybody.  It's not science fiction, though it might read like it is.  Maybe it's a teen novel.  Either way, I liked it when I wrote it, so here it is.